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Allye Ratledge

Director, Member & Partner Engagement

Allye Ratledge joined the Local Media Consortium in Feb 2015. She assists the LMC team, members and partners by coordinating, managing and maintaining complex schedules, projects and logistics information for the entire organization. Allye helps bridge the gap between creating ideas and putting those ideas into motion.

More About Allye

With nearly 20 years’ experience, Allye earned her stripes as an assistant for the Vice President for Research at The University of Texas at Austin. She then served The Department of Energy’s Office of River Protection as the liaison for the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board (DNFSB), Government Accountability Office (GAO) and Inspector General (IG) offices.

Allye lives in Lenoir City, TN with her two beautiful little girls, Maddy and Maggie, her devilishly handsome husband, J-Bird, her small but mighty rescue pups, Tootie and Jessie, and her two crushingly judgmental and mockingly unforgiving felines, Peta and Sully. In her spare time, Allye enjoys performing and recording tasty music. You can check her music out on her website, Live long and prosper in a galaxy far, far away.

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