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Christine Hendricks

VP, Marketing

Tobias Bennett joined the LMC staff in June of 2015. In his current role, Tobias is responsible for overseeing the LMC’s combined programmatic offerings, shepherding member committees focused on all things display advertising, developing and nurturing LMC relationships with ad tech and solutions providers and providing revenue focused consultation to LMC members.

More About Christine

She began her career working in ad tech at LiveIntent working in publisher development. Following LiveIntent, Christine started in publisher relations at WorldNow (nka Frankly) and from there quickly grew into a business development role. Although she was exposed to the local media industry starting at a young age and ultimately began her career there, she graduated with a degree in Sport Management from the University of the Pacific.

In her free time, Christine likes to spend time with her puppy, Jippy. She enjoys watching sports, but most of all, college basketball. You can find her on a tropical beach at least once a year.

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